Corporate Onsite Microsoft Excel Training Courses for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced in Johannesburg

Did you know that mastering Microsoft Excel can significantly boost your professional efficiency and open doors to countless opportunities? We're here to help you get started! Check out the video below for a sneak peek.

Beginners: Excel Level 1 Course

Feeling lost in Excel? Don't fret! Dive into the world of spreadsheets confidently with our beginner's course.

Course Description

Step right in if you're eager to grasp the essentials of Microsoft Excel. Our Microsoft Excel Beginner's Course equips you to create, edit, format, and print straightforward Excel worksheets.

Target Audience

This course is perfect for anyone eager to familiarise themselves with Excel for daily operations.


All you need is basic experience on Windows or iOS.

Intermediates: Excel Level 2 Course

Took a bite of the Excel pie and are hungry for more? Level up with our intermediate course!

Course Description

Having tinkered with the basics, it's time to add some flair to your spreadsheets. This course helps you jazz up your data sheets with templates, charts, graphics, and formulas.

Target Audience

Perfect for anyone keen to elevate their Excel game, especially if you're looking to work with templates, filter data, and so much more.


Basic Excel skills or equivalent experience will do just fine.

Advanced: Excel Level 3 Course

Think you've seen all that Excel has to offer? Think again!

Course Description

Dive deep into Excel's advanced offerings with this course. It's designed to supercharge your Excel skills, from creating macros to sharing data seamlessly. Explore Excel's Advanced Training for the nitty-gritty details.

Target Audience

Ideal for those looking to master macros, work collaboratively, and make the most of Excel's diverse capabilities.


Intermediate Excel knowledge or equivalent experience is necessary.

Excel Training Locations

Want to know the best part? Our impeccable Excel training isn't confined to just one place.

Cities where the courses are available

We offer specialised Excel training courses in a range of locations, including Gauteng, Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton, East Rand, Centurion, Pretoria, Durban, and even Cape Town. Check out our main training portal for more details.

Concluding Thoughts:

Microsoft Excel is a game-changer in the corporate world, and mastering it can be your golden ticket to unparalleled efficiency and productivity. Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate user, or looking to delve into its advanced features, we've got you covered. So, why wait? Dive in, explore, and excel with Excel!


  1. How long are the courses?
    Each course duration varies. For precise details, visit our official training site.
  2. Do I get a certification after the course?
    Yes! All our courses come with a certification upon completion.
  3. Can the training be customised for corporate teams?
    Absolutely! We specialise in tailoring courses to suit corporate requirements.
  4. Is there online support post-training?
    Yes, we provide online support for all trainees after the course is completed.
  5. How often are the training sessions conducted?
    Our sessions are frequent. The best way to know the next available date is by visiting here.

Corporate Onsite Microsoft Excel Training in Johannesburg

Master the art of Microsoft Excel, irrespective of your expertise level, with our specially tailored training courses in Johannesburg! From beginners to advanced users, we ensure a comprehensive grasp of Excel's capabilities. Our courses are available across multiple locations, including Gauteng, Randburg, Sandton, and more. Dive in and unlock boundless professional opportunities!


  • Beginner's Course (Excel Level 1): Learn to create, edit, and format basic Excel worksheets.
  • Intermediate Course (Excel Level 2): Enhance your sheets with graphics, charts, and templates.
  • Advanced Course (Excel Level 3): Master macros, collaborate, and integrate Excel with other applications.

Jumpstart your Excel journey with our expert-led training sessions. Certifications, post-training support, and tailored corporate modules are available.

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